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  • Over the last 2 years, I've found myself more and more "simplifying" my competition and non competitive fishing trips. (I don't use the term "pleasure" as I enjoy all the fishing I do) Why give yourself extra work to do when trying to "mix it" with the elite in our beloved sport. Never has this been more appropriate then when I began fishing rivers, and fishing river based competitive matches a little over 24 months ago. As a fly tyer, I can't help myself and try to come up with the next killer fly that most dressers dream of coming up with....the downside of this?, way too many flies!
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  • Don’t let murky water cloud your judgement, you can still enjoy great sport when Mother Nature deals you a duff hand! - so says river specialist and England international Steve Cullen..
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  • We've all experienced those days were its flat calm, far too hot for fishing, BBQ weather, Pub Weather in fact! You see the odd fish breaking the surface, just enough to keep you interested, but still frustrating enough to start chopping and changing tactics. Something I've had a high rate of success with the last few years is deep water buzzers.
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  • You have just landed a fish of a lifetime and you want to get an awesome shot to remember the moment, Steve Cullen goes through the method he has perfected to get great shots every time...
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  • Everyone thinks that fishing with dry flies requires a god given skill from on high, one must be blessed to fish dry flies with any confidence, right… WRONG!
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  • Wychwood's Glen Pointon looks at catching trophy trout from rivers on what he regards as two of the most exciting flies around...
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  • Getting things to fall into place early on in the season when, you’re out afloat in a boat is not as hard as some would have you believe… There are no secret flies or special lines that one must have in order to succeed, in fact, far from it, ‘keep it simple stupid’ and you won’t go far wrong! When afloat there are two ways to go, you can anchor or you can drift. Okay I’m assuming I’m preaching to the converted here, but if you don’t know the differences between anchoring and drifting, message me.
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