Wader Size Guide

General Posted date: 02/05/2017, 13:05

Find out which size you need for the new range of waders...

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First Look at Drift XL Rods...

General Posted date: 20/02/2017, 14:02

As a hardened river angler, the temptation for me was always to carry two rods, trust me this is easier said than done, the result at best, a few tangles between the line on each rod, at worst rod tips banging together. So, I looked closely at creating one rod to the job of both, a nymphing and dry fly rod. One rod, no bits to be unscrewed, no sections to be fitted, not extras that can be lost. The result is the new DRIFT XL range of fly rods, each one having a specifically honed action in order to suit your fishing style.

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Gear Trap Revealed!

General Posted date: 16/02/2017, 10:02

For anglers who travel light or whose fishing would be hindered by conventional baggage, the new Gear Trap wearable storage from Wychwood Game is the perfect solution.

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REVIEW: RS Rods in Trout Fisherman 490

General Posted date: 21/11/2016, 10:11

Wychwood's current flagship range of rods, the RS series, has scored a home run with the folks at Trout Fisherman magazine - find out what the review says here...

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A guide to Clothing: Outerwear

General Posted date: 04/11/2016, 14:11

Here at Wychwood we're dedicated to offering anglers high-performance in everything we do and our 2016 clothing range is the embodiment of this thinking. Packed full of features, it offer specification and features that sets it apart and packs a punch in the value stakes. Our in-house clothing design team worked on the range for over a year, developing a testing every garment to create a series of garments that offer amazing performance for the user - here's a breakdown of our selection of jackets...

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