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Friday 4th November 2016, 14:11PM General

Here at Wychwood we're dedicated to offering anglers high-performance in everything we do and our 2016 clothing range is the embodiment of this thinking. Packed full of features, it offer specification and functionality that sets it apart and packs a massive punch in the value stakes.

Our in-house clothing design team worked on the range for over a year, developing a testing every garment to create a series of garments that offer amazing performance for the user - here's a runthrough of our selection of jackets.

Starting with the jackets, there are three options; a short wading jacket, a three-quarter length boat jacket plus a 'mountain-style' technical softshell design.

The wading jacket and boat jacket offer similar styles, using a two-tone grey colour scheme with shell material that offer 15,000mm hydrostatic head and 10,000g/m2 breathability. Those figures in particular are important; hydrostatic head is the measure used to determine how waterproof a material is  - the test effectively means a tube of water 15,000mm tall can be placed onto the material with no leakage through - and breathability figures above 5,000g/m2 are way above what's required for physical activity. In comparison to other markets, these figures are what you'd expect from high-end mountaineering clothing where the elements are harsh and physical exertion creates a lot of internal heat (and sweat) that need to be released through the material to regulate the user's temperature. With a DWR finish that makes water droplets simply run off, this clothing is all about protection from the elements!

The boat jacket is three-layer construction, whereas the wading jacket is two-layer. Why the difference? With more movement required as you wade, and a lighter coat preferable, the user has the option to layer up differently to regulate their temperature as they walk. Performance is identical between both jackets and both are designed to be used with layers (see our Tech Hoody), especially in winter when it’s important to combat low air temperatures and wind chill.

Both jackets feature zipped handwarmer pockets and front pockets that feature magnetic flaps so you can access essentials quickly and easily. These magnetic flaps also help to ensure that the pocket stays covered from the elements.

Design-wise, the wading jacket is designed in a traditional sense, in that it has a higher hem and is obviously design for use with waders. This higher hem means when wading, the bottom of the jacket isn’t submerged (even though the material will withstand the submersion) and also gives a more appropriate cut for better movement of the upper body, perfect for when you require maximum flexibility while stood chest-deep in water!

The boat jacket is a longer design to offer more protection for the lower back when seated. Wind chill can affect your comfort massively when seated for extended periods and this design means you can still cast and move your upper body without compromising comfort.

Both jackets feature a fully encompassing hood with cinch adjusters on both sides to really batten down the hatches in strong winds. The wading jacket also has laser-cut breather holes to avoid fogging of eyewear when you’re stood mid-river and just need to get on with catching a lump!

Another feature that ups the levels of comfort are the double cuffs. The outer cuff is adjustable and is of a length that helps cover the wrist without impeding movement. But there’s also a covered neoprene cuff that is design to stop water ingress, especially when casting. With the arm in an upright position, it’s easy for rain to seep inside a regular cuff and wet your layers, meaning your arms are more susceptible to wind chill. This design eliminates that.

Both jackets feature class-leading YKK Aquaguard zips, with the wading jacket featuring a storm flap positioned inside the jacket for a clutter-free design; the boat version also has a front storm flap to hold up against strong winds encountered while out in the open.

So, we mentioned a softshell jacklet earlier but how does it differ from the other jackets? Softshell is a material that’s become increasingly popular in the outdoors market because it’s light yet warm, breathable but great at keeping out water.

We’ve opted for an all-grey design that features softshell containing 14% spandex to allow for flexibility to suit the everyday movements made by game anglers. The overall design offers plenty of room for wearing layers underneath but without it feeling overly baggy when worn over a t-shirt to combat summer showers.

Impressive breathability and hydrostatic head figures of 10,000 means this is a garment that is designed to combat the worst weather in a package that’s versatile and under £100. Stretch cuffs do a stellar job at keeping out the wet, and a ripstop construction means it’s tough enough to cope with a day rambling along the wild riverbank. A YKK centre zip keeps out the weather and two chest pockets and two hand pockets offer ample storage for valuable. There’s also a rear pocket to provide additional storage; maybe an underlayer, food or just some extra tackle for days when you don’t want to wear a waistcoat?

Teamed up to a Wychwood bib & brace, overtrousers, or a set of waders, our jacket range is set out to provide anglers with options that cover all styles, performance requirements and price points.


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