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Here at Wychwood Game, we have been working non-stop to bring a whole host of new fly fishing tackle to the market for the 2024 season. The additions feature new rods, reels and fly lines which have been extensively tested throughout 2023 ensuring their quality and performance. 

The exciting line-up for 2024 includes:

Truefly FA & MF Fly Rods

The stunning new range of Truefly FA and MF fly rods offer a significant leap forward in terms of performance and design, utilising the latest multi-layer carbon technologies. 

The fast action of the Truefly FA, makes them an excellent casting rod capable of achieving some serious distance when needed. This rod is as capable of fishing lures deep on a fast-sinking lines as it is dry fly fishing on a floating line making it the perfect all-round rod for today’s modern Stillwater Angler.

The Truefly MF features a forgiving middle to tip action making these rods extremely easy to cast, perfect for everyone from beginner to experienced angler alike, perfect for short to medium range fishing. Their forgiving action acts like a shock absorber reducing smashed takes on light tippets and hook pulls. This is the perfect rod for small Stillwaters.

There are 12 rods in the range available in popular sizes ranging from a 9 foot 5 weight up to a 10 foot 8 weight.

Prices for the new Truefly range start at £99.99 SRP.

New Drift Fly Rods

The new range of Drift fly rods have been specifically designed for the modern river angler where precision, accuracy, presentation, and versatility are key. Their ultra-light carbon blank and medium fast action, make these rods a joy to use, whether running a team of flies through a deep glide or presenting the most delicate of dry’s the Drift range has it covered.

The Drift range has a large selection of popular sizes ranging from a 6ft 2 weight for tiny brooks, a 9 foot 5 weight for heavier presentations such as streamers to an 11 foot 3 weight for when slightly more line control is needed on bigger rivers.

The range also included a dedicated Nymphing rod in a 10 foot, 3 weight size, ideal for a whole host of Euro nymphing applications, key features on the Nymphing rod include a downward locking reel seat and a stripper guide on the butt section of the rod.

The Drift rods are priced from £124.99 SRP

Drift Fly Reel

The new Drift fly reel is a fully-caged Large Arbor reel manufactured from fully CNC machined 6061 Grade Aluminium and features a sealed waterproof carbon and Teflon based disc drag system. 

The full frame design eliminates tippet passthrough and Improves rigidity, making this reel excellent for Euro/Czech Nymphing techniques, whilst it’s deep V-shaped spool allows for additional backing capacity allowing fly lines to be used as well.

The Drift’s over sized diameter reduces line memory, whilst it's slim profile keeps the weight to a minumum and makes it the perfect choice for the modern river angler.

New Flow Fly Rods

The new range of Flow fly rods have been designed utilising the very latest in multi-layer carbon technologies making their slim and lightweight 24T carbon blank a joy to use by being both light and responsive. 

The Flow’s contemporary styling brings the range kicking and screaming into the 21st century, making these a truly stunning rod to behold.

The Flow’s comprehensive range of lengths (6 foot to 11 foot), casting weights (3 weight to 8 weight), and classic medium action means there is a rod for an extensive range of situations, covering everything from small stream fishing through to the largest of still waters. 

With prices starting from just £49.99, this range offers exceptional performance and value for money and these rods are suitable for beginners and experienced anglers alike.

Fly Fishing Kits

The new complete Wychwood Fly Fishing Kits are suitable for beginners and seasoned anglers alike, offering a range of options that cover all aspects of the sport from river and stream fishing right through to vast windswept reservoir fishing.

Consisting of a forgiving multi modulus through action 4-piece carbon fly rod, heavy duty zip top rod tube, lightweight graphite fly reel pre-spooled with weight forward floating fly line and backing, two tapered Monofilament leaders, and fly box with 8 assorted flies; everything you need to get you out and catching fish.

With prices starting at just £84.99 for a complete fly fishing kit, these offer exceptional value for money to anyone starting fly fishing.

Connect Series 2 Fly Lines

Following the ever-popular Connect Series fly lines, the new Connect Series II fly lines are created using the latest in modern fly line technologies featuring a bespoke taper for easy casting. These 30 yard lines have ultra-low memory for the ultimate line presentation. The highly popular stretchy core helps reduce hook pulls and smashed takes.

Available in a wide range of popular options, the Connect Series II fly lines offer exceptional quality and value for money priced at £39.99!

Available from Wychwood retailers Spring 2024.


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