CONNECT series expands with Energy Taper models

Tuesday 6th March 2018, 13:03PM General

The CONNECT series of lines has been a huge success for us since they launched at the back end of 2016. Thousands of anglers have bought, used and caught on them but listening to feedback from end users, we've now made the decision to introduce three new versions of our current lines that feature Energy Taper - but what is it? Here’s a quick rundown...

As you can see, there are three versions of CONNECT Series Energy Taper fly lines; all are based upon existing lines so you can choose from a floater (Rocket Floater), slow intermediate (Hoverer) and fast intermediate (Ghost Intermediate). These are our three most popular lines for UK anglers and we're offering them in 6, 7 and 8-wt sizes. All three feature welded loops at the front for easy attachment of leaders and come in a full 40-yard (36.5m) length so will suit even distance casters.

Here's the key point with Energy Taper; for anglers who fish from boats or want extra distance to target fish that would normally be just out of range, the line has more weight at the front when compared to our standard Distance models; think of this as a weight forward with a difference! These lines have a long belly - 9.7 metres in fact - but with an incredibly short front taper of just 2.36m, compared to 3.2m on the rest of our distance-oriented lines. This longer belly means there’s more weight outside the rod tip on the cast and what this does is load the rod more effectively for range casting.

Another helpful feature is the dual colour design; the head of the line (belly to tip) is a different colour to the thin running line, acting as an indicator to the user that the line is at the correct length for optimum rod loading.

All Energy Taper lines will be available through Wychwood dealers from April 2018 onwards and cost £34.99 each.


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