CONNECT Tapered Leaders are here!

Monday 16th May 2016, 16:05PM General

The ‘Connect Series’ of tapered leaders have been designed to work in harmony with the rest of the products under the ‘Connect’ umbrella making the connection between you and your quarry a highly enjoyable one.

Tapered leaders are now very much an essential part of every fly angler’s armory and given the fact that they aid accuracy and indeed presentation it’s easy to see why they're crucial when it comes to success.

Having recently launched our highly popular range of fly lines the next step for us was to look closely at how we could better fly presentation with even more accuracy and with the minimum of fuss.

With these new Connect Series tapered leaders we have created  two very different products, ones which have been designed and briefed with two specific applications in mind.

Ghost Mode is a clear monofilament which offers super high abrasion resistant properties yet it is still extremely supple, offering you the perfect combination of strength and presentation. A transparent finish and perfectly balanced taper throughout means that it’s the perfect all-rounder, on all stillwater fishing applications.

Camo Mode features the same great abrasion resistance and suppleness but it features a unique mottled coloration. This banded coloration means that the line’s profile is broken up giving you the edge in low, clear water fishing scenarios. It’s main purpose is for use on running water and it’s taper profile allows you to fish everything from single nymph to dry flies – just be sure to add a fine tippet.
Both styles of these ‘tapered leader’ are available in 9ft and 12ft lengths.

Ghost Mode comes in 4lb, 6lb and 8lb and Camo mode in 4lb and 6lb to reflect its uses on running water, where smaller lighter flies will be employed.

Supplied in packs of three and priced at £7.99 for Ghost Mode and £8.99 for Camo Mode, these great new tapered leaders are available now from all good Wychwood dealers.


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