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Monday 20th February 2017, 14:02PM General

There’s an awful lot of fly rods that come to the fishing market each year, various lengths and sizes, covering all aspect of the sport. Even better for the consumer these new rods will come in a vast array of colours and teamed with all manner of cosmetics, something for everyone?

The thing is, apart from new carbon fibre technology, there’s not really been that much in the way of innovation in the recent past. A rod is a rod, right. Wrong

Having fished for a very long time, I’ve been fortunate to see all of the innovations - not just rods - that have come into the fishing industry, from fluorocarbon to large arbor reels, nano technology to carrot fibre, Curran, remember that? Some work and find there place in the market, others, like the good old rods made from carrots, don’t.

With more and more anglers heading out to fish running water, it made sense for me to look closely at what’s happening out there. Modern river nymphing techniques, seem to be the norm. This style of fishing calls for long, lightweight rods for use with light lines. In fact, often anglers are foregoing fly line and using monofilament instead with the weight of the flies that they’re using being sufficient to load these light and responsive fly rods. However, still the most popular way of targeting river fish is with the dry fly and for this shorter rods featuring faster action is what is required.

As a hardened river angler, the temptation for me was always to carry two rods, trust me this is easier said than done, the result at best, a few tangles between the line on each rod, at worst rod tips banging together. So, I looked closely at creating one rod to the job of both, a nymphing and dry fly rod. One rod, no bits to be unscrewed, no sections to be fitted, not extras that can be lost.

The result is the new DRIFT XL range of fly rods, each one having a specifically honed action in order to suit your fishing style.

These rods feature a unique, twist and lock system at the handle, which allows the user to extend the rod, up to 8 inches, in order for them to be able to tackle the water they’re faced with. Unlike other rod extension systems that are on the market, the DRIFT XL range, can be locked in place at any length along this 8-inch extension.

At the shortest length these are great rods for presenting dry flies or fishing with the popular Duo/Trio style, but once you start extending them they become less aggressive in their action, and so are also ideal for all manner of modern nymphing techniques, from close-quarters work too far off presentation in clear water. 

Drift XL rods will allow you to hook and hold fish at short and medium range with very thin tippets, small dry flies and or nymphs, without fear of the hook pulling out.  You can also take your time and let the rod take the strain when playing big fish in fast water, the less aggressive action will ensure every lunge is cushioned effectively.

These tactical rods feature an understated matt black finish, with black, lacquered whippings and olive highlights. The new ‘P’ cork handle, features a ‘camo’ look to ensure that it is discreet, not as bold and bright as the usual cork, in any challenging fishing situations.

They also feature a unique 20cm marker whipped the blank above the handle, in most competitions, only fish of 20cm or more are counted.

With high end cosmetics, Pac Bay guides throughout, anodised satin finish reel seat, and understated graphics these rods look as good as they perform! 

  • Unique, twist and lock extendable butt section
  • Non flash, subdued, matt black finish with high gloss black whippings, featuring green highlights.
  • High Modulus Toray Carbon Blank
  • Machined, satin black anodised aluminium reel seat
  • Four-piece construction
  • Carbon Rod Tube
  • ‘P cork’ half wells handle
  • Unique 20cm ‘whipped’ marker  


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