Get set up for Predator Fly Fishing

Wednesday 18th November 2020, 09:11AM Feature

Get set up for Predator Fly Fishing

Over the last few years fly fishing for predatory fish has grown massively in popularity. Whether it’s watching a pike follow and eat your fly right under your rod tip, that electric jolt type bite from a zander that rips the fly line from your hands or just the sight of that big perch you have landed sticking up its dorsal spines angrily while you pose for a photo, Predator Fly Fishing offers unparalleled excitement. Here at Wychwood we have developed a range of PDR rods and reels to cover the majority of predator fly fishing scenarios.


Choosing a Rod


When it comes to targeting predators on a fly rod you need a rod that is powerful enough to cast out and turn over large bulky flies as well as being strong enough to land a large fish in quick time. Below are our fantastic range of PDR rods.


9ft #8 PDR – This is the lightest rod in our range and is good for casting smaller predator flies. This rod is ideal for targeting smaller predators like perch. This rod can also be used for pike on smaller venues such as small lakes, rivers and canals. The rod is also a perfectly capable of being used in saltwater for species such as bass.


9ft #9 PDR – This is the perfect all-round predator fly rod that can be used for most scenarios for targeting pike, zander and perch. This rod will handle large flies but is still sensitive enough to fish smaller predator flies where needed. This rod will handle most reservoir scenarios as well as rivers, lakes and canals.  The rod can also be used in saltwater. This is the ideal rod for those who want one rod to do everything.


9ft #10 PDR – The heaviest rod in our range. This rod will cast the largest of flies and will land the largest of pike. This rod is ideal for anglers that like to fish extra-large flies for big fish. This rod is also a great option for fishing rivers and lakes where there are a lot of snags such as weed beds, submerged trees or man-made objects that are present in many urban waterways.  The rod has the power to pull fish out of weed beds as well turn fish away from snags when needed.



To accompany your rod you need a reel that has the capacity to take a more heavy and bulky fly line used for this style of fishing. The reel also needs to be light weight and have a smooth and strong drag system for the times where you may end up playing a large fish on the reel. To meet this demand Wychwood have developed the new PDR reels to accompany the PDR rods. The PDR reels are manufactured from lightweight aluminium and have a large disc drag system to offer exceptional performance.

The reels are available in #7/8 and #9/11, these two sizes match our PDR rod range perfectly.



Other Tackle


The reel should be loaded with at least 50 yards of 30 lb backing, they can take more than this but make sure you leave enough room on the spool for the fly line.


Make sure you match the weight of your fly line to the weight of your rod, predator fly lines are generally quite heavy to aid in casting out and turning over large flies. A range of different lines from floating to fast sinking can be used depending on the venues that you fish.


Leader materials need to be heavy enough to deal with lager fish.

Where pike are likely to be encountered it is important to have a bite trace of some form to prevent being bitten off, wire or heavy fluorocarbon are commonly used for this.


A large landing net, padded unhooking mat and a pair of long nosed pliers are all essential bits of equipment to be carried with you to ensure that fish are safely landed, unhooked, handled and released.

Overall fishing for predators adds an exciting element to fly fishing and should appeal to anyone who wishes to target alternative species on the fly rod.


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