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Tuesday 9th August 2016, 15:08PM General

Our CONNECT series of fly lines have been a huge success since their launch in Autumn 2015, with tackle shops and game anglers around the UK lapping up this easy-to-understand range.

To make it even easier to choose the right line for your needs, we're now rolling out a dedicated countertop POS display with fold-out brochure to give you an in-depth guide to every CONNECT line's perfect uses.

Keep your eyes peeled in all Wychwood stockist for this display and make sure you pick up a brochure to find out more about the entire range of CONNECT fly lines.

Inside you'll find a full breakdown of each line's key charecteristics, from best uses through to sink rates, plus an overview of the tippets and leaders available in the CONNECT range. There's a great explanation about the tapers used throughout the range to help balance casting with presentation, and there's even a selection of knots to use when attaching leaders to fly lines.

To find your local Wychwood Gme stockist, use our dealer locator by inputting your postcode and seeing which dealers are closest to you.



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