Inside the Hook-Hold fly box

Tuesday 6th March 2018, 15:03PM General

This past month has been a busy time for the product team, launching yet more products, this time in the shape of our new Hook-Hold fly boxes.

So what's the deal? First up, these are ultra-compact fly boxes that are designed not for storing huge quantities (like our Vuefinder Competition models) but for keeping a small selection of favourite patterns close to hand on days when you're not going through the A to Z of fly tying! These are single layer boxes that easily fit into a coat or vest pocket, or stored in a small pocket on a rucksack. 

The Micro and Double Nymph boxes are similar, differentiated only by size, wherease The Duo model has the ability to store hackled dries in one of two magnetic tray sections; the hidden magnets prevent lightweight dries from being blown away in a strong breeze.

All three boxes feature a soft, durable material that features staggered hook slots so it's easier to grab and go when you spot the fly you want. The precision-cut silicone is designed to be super tough and these are the only fly boxes on the market that feature this material... another first from Wychwood!

Prices are £8.99, £9.99 and £10.99 respectively and are available now from all Wychwood stockists.


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