New product: CONNECT Bugging Braid

Tuesday 28th June 2016, 09:06AM General

The latest addition to the CONNECT series of lines, tippets and leaders, Bugging Braid is a river angler's best friend for when you want to have direct contact with your flies.

Those anglers who are 'in the know' have long advocated the use of braids for fishing bugs in running waters to make bite detetction instant, so the team behind Wychwood Game has developed this unique braided leaders to do just that! Aside from non-stretch porperties that mean you can feel everything that's going on under the surface, the braid is high-viz, meaning you'll always be able to track the path of your flies in even turbulent conditions. 

For ease-of-use, each length of Bugging Braid features a pre-tied micro ring for quick, easy tippet attachment and a double surgeon’s knot so that loop-to-loop connection to the fly line is quick and fuss free.

Wychwood CONNECT Bugging Braid is heading out to delaers this week and comes in 5 metre lengths costing £5.99 each.



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